Find a successful career in sales by getting started with Pathfinder. EPSG’s unique sales training program will guide you through all of the training topics you need to know to be an effective sales representative. Get guidance and mentorship from successful, seasoned sales representatives that have been where you are on how to achieve success in sales. From pitch techniques to securing merchant statements, Pathfinder will show you the way to long-term financial independence.



Get guidance and mentorship from the experts. Your mentors are successful, seasoned sales representatives who’ve been where you are. They know what it takes to get you to financial independence.

Do you want a career that gives you freedom to live the life you want?

Do you want a career that gives you freedom to live the life you want?

As a sales representative with EPSG, you have the flexibility to select when and where you want to work.

Are you ambitious and driven?

Are you ambitious and driven?

Learn how to leverage the skills you already have to embark on a bright new career in sales.

Success Stories

“Working with EPSG for the last three years has shown me how a Merchant Service company is supposed to run. The ongoing support that they provide day in and day out helps me to address every need of my clients in a timely manner. They pay attention to every part of the sales process and do so with integrity. This company has their eye on the future by providing the sales team with new products to increase monthly revenues, and offers frequent training webinars to keep us in the know. The Optix Program is another way of this company standing behind its sales partners. Rewarding us for boarding our merchants with them, and helping us create long-term wealth. I look forward to working with EPSG and building my portfolio with them for many years to come!” Laura Starnes

“Making the decision to work in the payments industry has been one of the most rewarding I have ever made. This industry has given me the freedom to be my own boss and pave my own way, a luxury that not many careers can offer today. Working with EPSG has made the process even easier as their commitment to support in a continually evolving industry has allowed me to stay up to date on all emerging technologies, while continuing to build a vast residual portfolio.” David Stone

“I have been in outside sales for the past 20 years. I made the decision to work in the payment industry because of the residual income that it allows you to earn and own. I have always looked for a sales position that would allow me the freedom to create my own opportunity and build my own portfolio for a lasting legacy. I have worked with EPSG for the past four years and the reason that I have chosen this company is because of the reputation of the owners and all the people involved having street experience. EPSG has the people who’ve been there and know what it takes to be successful and willing to help, coach and share.” Scott Centofonti

Overcome the financial risks of starting a sales career

We developed Pathfinder to help ambitious and career-driven individuals find success in sales. At EPSG we understand the challenges and financial risk of beginning a sales career. Pathfinder will not only guide you to path of success at EPSG but it will also teach you essentials skills needed to be successful selling a variety of products and services.


With this unique training program you’ll go from having little to no sales experience to learning the skills and know-how to be successful. Earn $15 an hour during your training and orientation, plus $50 for each installed and processing merchant you secure. Plus, you’ll be eligible for a $1,000 bonus if you reach your goals and benchmarks.

The Program

We strive to consistently and effectively meet any merchant need by providing valuable service and superior products. With over 20 years of experience, ESPG is dedicated to helping merchants retain customers and grow their business. Our highly educated sales partners receive exceptional training enabling them to provide meaningful solutions to the complex issues merchants face every day. We are proud to be one of best in the industry and are committed to the success of our merchants and sales partners.

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No prior sales experience necessary.

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